We Are Redesigning Our Website

Please excuse any temporary inconvenience our redesign may cause our community
while we incorporate some exciting new features and changes. Due to expanding our reach
and opening several new Chapters, it is neccessary to redesign our site to accomodate future growth.

Education is the World’s Equalizer... To Succeed, you must constantly strive to surpass yourself, not the competition... Adversity is the teacher of personality, character and fortitude – therefore, embrace adversity. To be happy and often successful, one must perpetually possess two things: Purpose and Passion. After Purpose and Passion, one needs: Desire, Determination and Discipline. Live Life – Don’t let Life Live You. Every day, walk out your door with the goal of Making a Difference in Someone’s Life. The difference between Winners and Losers is that Winners never quit, give up or make excuses.

All scheduling is performed through our new website using
our interactive online calendar. Here you can select your tutor, Chapter location and schedule your appointment. Tutoring sessions are confirmed via text or email. Each tutor sets their
own schedule with sessions generally lasting 60 minutes.
All tutoring is conducted in an open area of the library for
safety and security concerns. There are no private sessions
ever premitted off library premises or behind closed doors.

Each Athena Academy Chapter is organized
and managed by a local Chapter Director who works within their community. We expect to
have multiple Atlanta locations available to students by April 2014 in these communities:

  • Peachtree City / Fayetteville area
  • College Park / Hapeville area
  • Buckhead / Sandy Springs area
  • Alpharetta / Roswell area

Success at every level in life requires teamwork. And, we
are grateful for the support, assistance and encouragement
we receive from educators and communities we work with.
Every week at local area libraries, our tutors dedicate and
invest their time to help kids get the extra attention and
skills they need to succeed and advance in school. Many
of our tutors excel in at least 2 or more core academic
areas in Math, Science, English, History and Languages.
We try to make learning fun and engaging for each child,
while also providing them a sense of camaraderie.